Posted : 6 months ago

old otps are back to ruin me
tbh, this was possibly the ship i had back in 4th or 5th grade jfc
Posted : 7 months ago

I love 3D World, but I really wish Daisy was in it for some reason?? Actually, Daisy in anything but a sport/party/kart game would be pretty fab.
Posted : 7 months ago

Moar arts.
So adorbs.
Much love.
Art by なあ
Posted : 7 months ago
Posted : 8 months ago
Posted : 8 months ago

I dunno if we can make the Royal Trio happen if you two are gonna pout all of the time.

Posted : 9 months ago
Posted : 10 months ago

i can’t help shipping luigi and daisy, they’re the cutest cuties that ever cuted.
Posted : 10 months ago
Posted : 11 months ago

"Hey, look, the only plumber that I’d be mackin’ on is the green one.

"Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise, Peach."